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Points Of View - Book One by Tony Thorne MBE


“There was no radioactive accident for Horace Mayberry, no spandex costume to hide inside, and no stunning siren hammering on his door. Tony Thorne’s hero is much more down to earth, even as a spy in his dreams things don’t quite pan out as expected. What he does have is an engaging manner and a Boys Own spirit of adventure but will that be enough to carry him through?

Born blind but suddenly chosen to receive state of the art Nanotronic Bio Vision eyes, Horace greets his new sighted world with enthusiasm and innocence. Tony Thorne draws on a lifetime of scientific engineering to give plausibility to the self-evolving powers of his hero’s eyes but adds a cynical edge sharpened on a prolific flow of speculative and macabre short stories.

With an easy writing style Tony steers Horace through a series of missions where he’s not sure who is pulling his strings or who he can trust. A quick learner, Horace soon adds video recall, night vision, and signal emissions to his skill set but reading people proves a tougher task.

This is a thriller, a science fiction adventure, but most of all a good old fashioned ripping yarn with a compulsive plot. Horace couldn’t be better equipped or less prepared for international intrigue, hopefully Tony will speculate on further challenges for our hero, it’s something all readers of this novel will be looking out for.” - Colin Kirby, www.tenerifemagazine.com and www.colinkirby.com

“Tony Thorne MBE's book, Points of View, is a science fiction adventure with a believable, original and compulsive plot. I was glued to this book and I couldn't put it down until I had devoured the whole book. Not only was the writing superb, the story itself was entertaining. Also, the book was humorous and had some laugh out loud moments. For those who want imaginative and excellent writing, original story plot, characters that come alive in the reader's imaginations, Points of View is the book you are looking for. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something good to read.”


“If you are the type of person who hates adventure, action and excitement, do not pick up this book.  If, however, you are a person who likes to be captivated by gripping edge-of-your-seat action, then you will definitely want to read this book.  The action is non-stop, from the first paragraph to the last.  I lost a little sleep reading Points of View because I simply couldn't stop until I knew what happened next.  It is a well-written story, and one that grips the imagination.  You won't want to miss out on this phenomenal tale.” - Rebecca HYPERLINK "https://plus.google.com/117234451256457445578"MintoHYPERLINK "https://plus.google.com/117234451256457445578"  (Author and Reviewer)

Operation Mayberry - Outstanding! 5 Stars!

Point of View, by Tony Thorne,MBE. I can’t say enough on this book, Wow is one word, but seriously this book I can really see it as a movie. I started to read it and was hooked. Points of View starts off with a young man Horace Mayberry who becomes blind as an early

age, with no medical help available to him. His dreams are of being a super secret agent and looks forward to them. They are his only way of seeing the world, since, he is unable to see through his own eyes.

He is approached by a government scientist who is aware of his condition and offers him a way to see, using nanotechnology to replace his own eyes. In accepting, he is given a job that he really has no say in, but as he soon discovers, his dreams of being a secret agent are coming to life.

In his new journey he battles, being abducted, finding out who is on his side, and the government that he now involuntary works for but accepts. His new job is exciting, because he is living his dream for real. He encounters bad with the good, as an apprentice secret agent, and is soon thrown into a world of power and denials. His, artificially intelligent, eyes begin to develop new super-human abilities as and when he needs them. He soon becomes someone wanted for his eyes to be used for doubtful purposes.

His partner slowly becomes his friend and arranges to have him introduced to an older girl whom he welcomes and quickly learns to love. His personality develops, and his dreams begin to change, often becoming negative, unlike the ones he enjoyed when he was blind.

This is a thrilling ride of adventure, mystery, action, humor, and some romance. I was sucked in this book, I loved it, I couldn’t read the pages fast enough to know what was going to happen next. I can see this book becoming a Movie, because I could see the action happening as I was reading it. I just love books that open up your mind to your own private showing of the story. I highly recommend this novel to all lovers of books. It has a great storyline that will not disappoint you. It really reels you in to want more. I look forward to more books from Tony Thorne MBE. This is a, don’t miss, 5 star phenomenal tale; with twists and turns and even some humour. – Ana Torres, Professional Reviewer, USA.

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