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Three quirky tales illustrating the culture shock when.... 1) a young female tourist has a go at finding a temporary job, 2) a wicked old inept witch tries to spellbind some local villagers, and 3) an unusual alien invasion of a small island  changes the local inhabitants forever. Stories for the young in heart of all ages from 14 to 94... or even older.

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**** Fascinating, in a strange way - October 9, 2014 - EIoise McClain - Verified Purchase

This trilogy of novellas is a pretty good effort from writer Tony Thorne MBE. Not all the stories are equally good, but the collective effort is praiseworthy. The first story, about a cunning witch is filled more with comedy than horror, especially her invocations and sudden fits of rage. She is someone, ostracized in her village, who believes she can put anyone under her spell. However, her sinister plans don't always work out and she often has to call on her amoral nephew, the local butcher, to clean up the mess. Her latest plan works well though, and she is soon on her way to becoming a rich old hag before the inevitable 'magical' (pun intended) twist spoils everything.

The second story is an ‘aliens’ sci-fl tale, written in a more serious vein, but it lacks the charm of the first one. Honestly I found it a bit too preachy and serious at times and didn't feel much for the characters or even the alien creatures.

The third story is about a holidaying young American woman and her rendezvous with a crazy old lunatic who's hired her for an equally crazy job. It is a pretty creative tale, full of suspense and supernatural horror. The unexpected comic twist, at the end of it though, is much better than the endings in all the other stories. The inept witch's story, however, still remains my overall favourite.

Each story begins with a prologue which gives the reader a brief introduction to the atmosphere and characters of the story. The second story has an epilogue too, and I found that quite an innovative approach.