If you're just starting... or still on the way up... you should have a look at this one..!

One reader said: "Absolutely inspiring! It proves that there's no age limit -- either lower or upper -- if one truly loves

writing and works hard at their craft."

This eBook is in two parts. The first is an account of the author's 'plan' to succeed and how far it has got him.

The second part is a study of another optimistic writer's plan to succeed, all about how he put it into action, and how it finally him success.

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It’s an autobiographical outline of the author's on-going progress, plus an account of an alternative plan that worked successfully for one audacious writer.

Yes, it’s the lowdown on the ways to succeed as an author..!

The competition is becoming fiercer, and nowadays editors and agents must suspect there are more writers around than readers... so what can you hopeful, eager, first time authors do about it?

This inexpensive (at the moment) modest little book will inspire you to get things going... and to succeed, whatever your age..!