Quadcopter drones are in fashion..!


Here it is, now available as a Kindle eBook, hilarious, quirky, murky

The complete Bill's Helical Blues... All the amazing adventures of Bill, our hapless hero, his long suffering wife, and his brand new (replacement!) for the model helicopter that was destroyed. More mystery and mayhem and even murder ensues..! 

Don't miss this one for an entertaining read and maybe a good idea for a profitable weekend business for you too.

Mystery and mayhem ensue when his luckless hero decides to start an aerial photography business after successfully dealing with a particularly annoying intruder in his garden, using his new model helicopter.

Things develop successfully, until a sinister client approaches him with a proposition that seems a little shady, but financially impossible to refuse.

Thereafter, one murky event leads to another…

How can he get out of his dire trouble?

Maybe his long suffering wife can help him… but how?

Available as a eBook or a Paperback from AMAZON..! Just enter ‘Thorne Blues’ against the Books Search Space..!