Biographical Notes ..!

That's me, Tony Thorne MBE (the one on the left, as was, not that famous TV broadcaster on the right. I'm an Englishman, born and technically educated in London. Backin my youth I was a designer of model aircraft, an active science-fiction fan, and an occasional lecturer for the British Interplanetary Society.  I also wrote and even sold a few tall tales, mostly SF.

I originally qualified as a Chartered Design Engineer and created a pioneering British company, Spembly Technical Products Ltd.,  specializing in Applied Physics and Medical apparatus. I was subsequently awarded an MBE, by the Queen, for the commercial success of developments in low temperature (cryo)surgical instruments as well as very high temperature furnaces for processing nuclear grade graphite and  carbon fibres.
Other products we developed included specialist thermocouples, nuclear protection systems, and vacuum insulated pipelines for the transfer  of very low temperature fluid such as, helium, oxygen and hydrogen.

Later I moved to Switzerland and set up the European Division of an American Corporation, with branches in England, France, and Germany, specialising in Microbiological and Computer related products.  My later business activities included setting up a computer training school, and an AI software company, in the British Channel Island of Guernsey; as well as pioneering there, the art of large screen animated computer graphics, synchronised to music. I also chaired the local Folk Club and ran the Guernsey Poet's Showcase evenings in various local restaurants.  There was never a dull moment..!

Married to a Viennese lady, I now reside in Austria, but we escape from the cold winter weather to Tenerife when we can.

I have also written technical reports and papers for several publications and conferences, and have patents in such varied subjects as nuclear protection equipment, very high temperature processing, and microbiological analysis equipment.  However, my main hobby has always been writing science and macabre fiction, droll tales, and also performance poetry ... as summarised over these website pages.

Publisher's Note


Sorry if you don´t like the black background of this website.  The author says he likes it even though  he is still here, enjoying his somewhat advanced age.  Retired now, however he is still writing, editing and promoting his quirky tales.

He hopes his Points of View series will one day do a Harry Potter.  He´d enjoy that, if that vital part of him can keep ticking for some time yet..!

For more sites about the author, just go into any browser and enter "Tony Thorne MBE" in the (Books) Search Box.  If you leave off the MBE, you'll get links to him as well as all the other Tony Thornes..and there are more of them about than the author realized.!