Historical Notes .. Fan Activities.

The Medway Science & Fantasy Club meeting place... I ran this small shop, weekends only, featuring an SF, Fantasy and Macabre Tales library.  It served as the perfect place to recruit new members ... and also displayed models and artwork created by many of our members.  We also put on a comprehensive display in a local cinema, on one auspicious occasion ... to publicize an early, Charles Eric Maine story, SF film they were showing. We were often featured in the local newspaper columns too..!

We were visited on one auspicious occasion by Ted Carnell, the editor of New Worlds and a team from ILLUSTRATED magazine. Pictures were taken and we had a 2 page feature a few weeks later... FAME!

It was a fun club. I was secretary and organizer. and we had about a maximum of 25 members over the years. The club ran from around mid 1950 to 1960. Then I left to live and work abroad, and the club faded.

This was our Club Magazine... but there were several different ones, including even a Literary Review, for our opinions on all the fan magazines and other items that came our way.

This cover was one of my efforts..! After that one , I was happy to leave that side of things to Brian Lewis..our brilliant artist and cartoonist!


Yes that's Me... the young(!) editor at work back in the 50's...writing articles, stories and whatever, but that illustration was drawn by our brilliant artist Brian Lewis... who later went on to better and more rewarding things... sadly now though, no longer around.

My one and only cartoon featured in the journal... but it was also accepted and published in the Vargo Statten SF Magazine... well back in the 50's. I even got paid for it..! 

Happy Days!  We made a big effort for this celebrated event. The London, Coronation Year, Science Fiction Convention, in the Bonnington Hotel, London.

Guests included, Arthur C. Clarke, L.Sprague du Camp, L. Ron Hubbard, Ted Carnell, John Brunner, William Temple, E. C. Tubb, Walter Willis, James White, Bob Shaw, and just about all the members of our Club, includng me.


When the legendary fan Captain Ken Slater left the army, (that's him in the middle, I'm on the left, and Brian Lewis our artist is on the right) I was privileged to help him set up his company, for continuing with his OPERATION FANTAST activities. After that, I got heavily into Nuclear Engineering, was promoted at work and soon found myself travelling the world on technical business, and eventually joining an American company and emigrating,.My fan activities and writing SF had to cease, and the club unfortunately didn't keep going either.

There's lots more, but that's enough here. By all means send me an eMail if you want further information... or can add anything I've overlooked.


This is a much later, 21st. Century picture of me with the legendaryAmerican SF author Harry Harrison. He spent a week in Tenerife back in 2007 and we had a great time chatting about our old SciFi author friends and the various conventions we'd attended over the years.

Here we are in a local restaurant, enjoying ourselves.