HOW TO BE A CHIEF EXECUTIVE and survive the stress..!

This is the account of one lucky person's rise to the top ... and what happened after that.  Critically acclaimed, and a reading must for any aspiring entrepreneur already on the way up ..!

A few reviewers' comments ...

"Brilliantly conceived ... a most ingenious construction.  It will undoubtedly find its way on to many an executive's bookshelf."

"An absorbing experience ... brilliant flashes of insight."

"I read it often ..!"

"Successfully tackles new ground ... written with tremendous control, economy and wit ... easy to read ... a really original and profound work."

I have a few signed copies of the original limited edition available.  To order, just EMail me direct, or by using the Contact Me option above, for instructions. By the way, one of the pages in this book was featured in the Sunday morning BBC World Service programme, Something Understood, by Sir Mark Tully, some time back  now.