This is a serious, hilarious, thought provoking controversial account of the formation and proceedings of a club for budding young intellectuals. It also explores the way some adults react to the ease with which children today can access anything they want to know about.

The subjects covered include, The Future, Evolution, Politics, Time Travel, Adult Human Behaviour, The Supernatural, Robots & Computers, Faith and Creation. 

Download the EBook version now,  from Amazon Kindle (search for eBooks Thorne MBE) and see how much you know about what kids can easily find out today using the Internet ... then analyse your own reactions!  You may be more than surprised at the result.

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Review by Dr. Tami Brady - Canada

      The Junior Philosophical Society features the minutes of meetings of the Junior Philosophical Society made up of a group of pre-teens and diary excerpts of the group’s eleven year old founder. These accounts are meant specifically to educate parents and give them a reality check about what their children actually know and the questions that these youngsters want answered.

      The topics discussed by these children are quite surprising. Meeting topics include everything from evolution, religion, and the beginnings of the universe through time travel, space travel, and the supernatural to computers, the future, and politics. Moreover, the children talk candidly about parental rules of behavior, asking parents questions, and the hypocrisy of adult behavior.

      I found reading The Junior Philosophical Society interesting on a number of levels. As a parent, I was reminded that true parenting involves sometime answering the difficult questions and engaging in conversations that I’d hoped I wouldn’t have to deal with. However, this book also took me back to a time when I wanted to ask the questions and was put off. Our kids have so much curiosity and wonder nowadays, it’s truly amazing.

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Publisher's Comment:

This unusual work ranges from hilarious to controversial ... and possibly even disturbing to some sensitive readers.   Most parents however will find it fascinating, as well as useful in dealing with their own children.  Things today are not as they were and will never be again.  Knowledge is power, remember, and children today have immediate access to it, far more than we ever did.