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Contents include ... Shape Shift ? Some things are not what they seem.  Brain Wave ? Time for a medical tale. Death on the Fly ? A case of mutual hacking. Euthanasia Inc. ? A solution to a growing problem? In Range ? Another medical tale, but very different. Indulgence ? What (not) to do if you're overweight. MicroVoices ? They can drive you off-balance. Painfully Redundant ? A casualty of medical progress. The Potting Shed ? One way to prolong your time. Slimming Plan ? Surely a rewarding development?  Washout - A couple of weird visitors enter an old country house, much to the dismay of the owners.


 ***** Well-written speculative fiction, November 29, 2014

By J. Cortez

This review is from Amazon's website: Macabre Tales (Paperback)

Speculative stories like Macabre Tales makes a person think. As it is entertaining as fiction with logic and elements of fiction, it brings to question the idea of fear. Whether the character is fearful in the story or the reader senses the danger to which an ignorant character does not feel, there is a common theme of control. Some characters face the fear and take control of the situation whereas other characters are not as fortunate. It makes me think of the times in our life in which we try to maintain control, i.e. is our doctor in control of the medical procedure or are they still experimenting, namely with you? We fear what we don't understand, yet the author crafts these stories to describe the emotions and everyday scenarios that makes one question if they are truly in control of their life. Well done!
I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more by Tony Thorne.

***** The Macabre Tales by Tony Thorne (Amazon Kindle eBook) are a fascinating collection of speculative, short science and fantasy fiction stories. They are well-written in an artistic way while maintaining the technical language and ideas. To dream up these macabre stories with, in some cases, climaxes that you cannot foresee, it is a skill that is not wasted on his avid readers. Themes range from alien life to ancient artifacts with medicine and science in between. Think about playing on a fear in a way that it seamlessly becomes part of your reality. Some characters learn to accept it while others discover too late that it is their fatal mistake. I liked the short fiction so that I can choose whether I have enough time to read one and try to wrap my head around the plot for a while or if I am excited to read the next amazing story. These tales will either make you look over your shoulder more often or look at future change in a different way. – Review (5 stars) by Rachel Horon, Indiana, USA, 26 November 2014

MACABRE TALES - If you stop to think about everyday things happening in your life, and then turn a speculative, scientific, but definitely weird glare on that activity, you would begin to understand the type of stories written by Tony Thorne MBE. For instance, his parting tale, WASHOUT, describes how a man finds his wife frozen in place by fright, holding a knife, standing near their washing machine. I loved the ending of this one! I found Tony Thorne more droll than truly gruesome. His concepts are clever, his writing sharp and quickly to the point and he closes with a quiet flourish. He delves into personal areas, our daily lives and asks you to consider the alternatives that are conceivably possible, if only... But then, again, there really might be a bit of truth just waiting to be scientifically researched and created! Highly recommended for a true exploration of the macabre. - GABixlerReviews 

Macabre Tales is a collection of short stories that will amuse and entertain you to no end. These are stories that I would be comfortable sharing with family and friends. Each story is moderately short, so if you don't have a lot of time for reading, this would be a great choice. I found myself on the edge of my seat during one story, then smiling and chortling during the next. This collection is very imaginative, and original.
If you want a unique entertaining experience, I highly suggest you put this collection of short stories on your list. 
Posted by , Rebecca Minto, USA

Macabre Tales is a collection of hypothetical, scientific and theoretical short stories. Author has observed some daily life events and written speculative stories on that. Each story is entertaining and full of suspense. e.g. In Dead Ringer, a dead body takes revenge by a phone call. Slimming Plan story is full of suspense, thrills and depicts a murder case. Each story is short and to the point. The author has proved his out-of-the box thinking skills. His imagination coupled with scientific knowledge has made this book totally different. 

The stories are so interesting and the characters are so vivid that I could not resist my temptation to complete a story after starting it, and once one story was finished, I was tempted to read the next. I really enjoyed this book. It is one of my favorite reads. Each story fits in the context and really does a perfect job of hitting every angle you can think of. This book is a must read for people interested in science fiction, speculative and hypothetical reading, but I would recommend this book to everyone. - Naina John, Reviewer, (

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