This is more about them and where you can obtain the books...!  ROBOTS INCLUDED and the prolog, THE SINGULARITY IS COMING

It's a collection of stories about robots and robotics.  Some of these inventions are with us now, and many more will be here soon, including those with AI, Artificial Intelligence. Can machines think? Will they be a blesssing or a curse.  Will they eventually replace us, as many scientists now suspect and fear today. 

Read these tales for entertainment, and also discover what may be in store for us in the not so far future...! 

Watch out for the Singularity, we may have only 10 more years to go, until the first ASI arrives...! ASI means Artificial Super Intelligence. Forget the famous Turing Test, it will always indicate which is the computer... it'll be the one with the smartest chat, and the fastest answers to anything...!

That is, assuming it wants to take part in such a weak test...! See the extra section at the end of this page, which is all about Artificial (General/ & Super) Intelligence.  It won't be long before your laptop will be chatting to you as an equal...and then what..?

Meanwhile the eBook and paperback are available from most outlets, especially Amazon on... just enter "Thorne Robot" in their Search Box...or try this link to my Amazon

The robot age began some time ago. Automatic, computer controlled, machines now fill factories, undertake complex tasks faster, and with more accuracy, than any human worker ever could, and they can work for longer hours! Arguments still rage as to whether computers and robotic machines will eventually develop true intelligence. Many scientists now believe it is only a matter of time, if it hasn’t happened somewhere already. Some people are already worried about how the Internet itself is evolving. All considered, it is clear that many machines today are already much smarter than several people you may know.

This collection explores what might happen after they do become intelligent.

Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics

First Law: A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

Second Law: A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

Third Law: A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First, or the Second, Law.


ACCESSIBILITY – Not only pets will go prowling around at night.

LIFETIME – In a primitive form, kids can own one of these toys now.

BUGSIE – What might a criminal gang do with a versatile robot?

CLERICAL ERROR – An ideal candidate may have his own ideas.

ROBOTS INCLUDED – A somewhat different kind of alien invasion.

TO BE CONTINUED – A sentient machine might object to its visitors.

DEVIANT - How do we control the people who control the robots?

EQUALITY – The laws say robots must protect humans, always...?

PAINFUL REDUNDANCY – Even unusual professions will be at risk.

FREE RANGE – Another, but indifferent, kind of alien invasion.

KILLER –How might an unscrupulous person exploit an AI robot?

TEETHING TROUBLE – Intelligent prosthetics could be a problem.

THREE HANDED – Utility AI robot devices need clear instructions

OPERATION PLUS – Robotic medical treatment should be errorfree.

CURTAINS – Spare part replacement surgery may go a long way.

NANOTECHNOID – Definitely a different kind of alien invasion.

MONUMENT - Given time, robots willlearn to improve themselves.

PURSUED – Yet another kind of alien visitation, witha purpose.

Customer Review by Meghan, March 30, 2014

Exceptionally brilliant! Tony Thorne’s book is a must-read. Consider ‘Robots Included’ as a creative way of figuring out how robots will affect our lives, today and in the far future. This collection of short stories is at turns intriguing and jaw-dropping, yet consistently engaging. Author Tony Thorne has that power to reel you in subtly yet so powerfully into his stories. What’s more, Thorne deftly and ingeniously extrapolates into the far future—his ideas about how these intelligent machines will find their way more and more into the very fabric of mankind’s daily life are, to say the least, uncannily spot-on or unsettling—from how robots may push most of us out of our cushy jobs (in “Painful Redundancy”) to the unintended side-effects of even the most celebrated achievements in the medical field (in “Teething Trouble”and "Operation Plus"),

As entertaining as Asimov and as intellectually provocative as Philip Dick, Tony Thorne is that kind of author whose works you will collect. A well-deserved five-star rating for ‘Robots Included’. Get a copy of this book today—full enjoyment guaranteed.

Editor's Review by Autumn Conley, USA, who edited the final draft MSS of Robots Included.

`ROBOTS INCLUDED is a whirlwind tour of the potential mechanical wonders and mysteries that could inhabit our futures as a human race producing and living integrally with robotic servants, invaders, or pilgrims. With an obvious gift for storytelling and a love of the genre, Tony whisks his readers from one point in time to another, story-by-story, illustrating how the machines we rely on today might progress, or even evolve in our world or others, into something far beyond the imaginations and technologies we currently know. For anyone who enjoys an entertaining story of otherworldly or futuristic perspectives on what may be or what has been, ROBOTS INCLUDED is the collection of stories to have on your shelf.