Tall SF Tales for Teenagers - by quirky Tales Writer Tony Thorne

Out now as a paperback from Amazon, and the eBook version is also available from Amazon as a Kindle eBook. i.e. go to www.kindle.com  then enter Tony Thorne MBE , in the blank prompt space next to Kindle Store.

Competition! Yes, this cover does illustrate one of the tales therein, and there's a free eBook for the first eMail received naming the title of it. You can use the contact form link in the left hand column on any page.

The contents include:

Bugsie 37 - How to control an intelligent robot?  Lefty - An example of future medical science.  Yesterday the World - Time Travel trouble. Free Range - A much more likely alien invasion?  Black Hole - If you discover one, leave it alone..!  Low Frequency - A different kind of hobby.  Marketing Plan - The future of a perfect invention.  Replication ? What would you do with a special copying machine.  Beachcombing ? Are the aliens are already here, and were they the first?

This book is just what teenagers new to the genre will enjoy... as well as all the existing fans, looking for something good to read.