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The late, legendary American SF writer, Harry Harrison, wrote the following introduction to these tales... ?

"Tony Thorne has the mind of a scientist and the soul of an artist. His science and technology are correct, his extrapolations wonderful and ingenious. But then ? surprise!  A blackness may descend ? or a brilliant flash of black humour.  Read and enjoy..!"

Harry Harrison, sadly no longer with us, is the American author of over 20 novels plus several film scripts and many collections of short stories. His books have been translated into over 30 languages.

He visited me in Tenerife for a week a few years ago, and we had a great time discussing old friends and past fannish events. He liked my stories and said I must write a novel, one at least to get anywhere... so I did, and now I'm up to number four in my PoV series.

5.0 out of 5 stars Speculative fiction with an island setting, January 6, 2015. By SilverLining (CA , USA) 

This review is for: The Best of the Tenerife Tall Tales (Kindle Edition)  Readers who enjoy Tony Thorne's speculative fiction may wonder how he gets inspired to write such amazing works full of detail, facts, and creativity about a world we are yet to see. In this case, readers can find his muse as the setting in Tenerife, one of the islands in the Canary Islands. While the location provides a beautiful backdrop, it also provides the author with a setting that is perfect for jungle habitats for micro-dinosaurs and volcano experiments. These are tall tales, but there is something about them that makes the reader feel like it could happen if it isn't already in the works now. Whether the characters are amateur scientists or professional PhDs, the stories are easy to read as well as entertaining. Any type of technical terminology is still comprehensible to the average readers who want nothing more than a great read from an imaginative author. Some just make you think how we have evolved while others can be debated if science is trying too hard to create or recreate things that the world is not ready for. These stories vary in context and length, so there is always the chance to find a favourite piece or storyline within the variety of tales from the Tenerife Island.

Highly recommended !!

5.0 out of 5 stars A treasure trove of unforgettable stories, April 27, 2014

By Meghan -(TOP 500 REVIEWER)   

This review is from: The Best of the Tenerife Tall Tales (Kindle Edition)

This is the third Tony Thorne book I’ve read, and ‘The Best of the Tenerife Tales’ simply cements my respect and admiration for this author. Thorne is one of those highly prolific authors who never seem to run out of ideas—what’s more, he can deftly execute such ideas through stories that will take your breath away.

And ‘The Best of the Tenerife Tales’ is one such collection of unforgettable stories. Set in or around the beautiful island of Tenerife, these stories run the gamut of human concern, although pushed through Thorne’s distinct meat-grinder of a literary talent. Who can resist, for example, the lure of “Hologhosts”? (which somehow reminds me of an old James Randi article), or the heady build-up of suspense in “Artefact”, or the deeply emotionally resonant “Beachcombers?” There’s nothing you’ll skip with this book—every tale is as satisfying as the next one.

A uniquely versatile writer, Thorne can comfortably straddle many different genres, and wow you each time with his masterful storytelling. I also realize ‘The Best of the Tenerife Tales’ is the crème dela crème of his earlier trilogy, the Tenerife Tall Tales, so if you’re like me who have a hankering for more of these stories, you know where to find them.

Overall, another literary homerun for my new favourite author. Tony Thorne drops your jaw once again with this collection of some of his finest stories. Get a copy today—also makes a great gift for loved ones. Another solid five-star rating for this book.

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