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The above video covers what this title is all about. It's my best selling item and now has an edition in Chinese which has been on sale there since the end of April, 2016, in eBook, paperback and hard cover versions.

I’m constantly busy with the next update of THE SINGULARITY IS COMING book, collecting new items and comments for it. It’s still more of an ‘ongoing’ sort of scrapbook compilation for general readers of all ages. The Singularity is a very serious subject which will affect all of us in the very near future. Smarter Automation leading to more intelligent computers is progressing at an amazing pace. Did you realize that your smart iPad, or Android, tablet is now about a billion times more powerful than the room sized, several million dollars, computers that were the state of the art back in 1965..? Processing power doubles about every year and a half now, and will soon lead to intelligent machines far brighter than we are, and that includes your smart telephone too. Some items are cleverer already compared with several people you may know..! It’s what comes after that we all should be concerned about, as reflected in this ‘current fact to fiction to future fact’ title. Please do get your copy now. An eMail to me via my publishing address can get you a free copy of the latest edition update, in .pdf format, preferably for comment and review. i.e. to:  etceterapress@aol.com

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